...is a world-famous Israeli dance choreographer and teacher from Israel who has been choreographing and teaching for more than two decades. He is a true creative force who has choreographed more than eighty dances, including Al Salsalim, Al Tishali, Bein Arbaim, Chatan Bar Mitzvah, Dina Dina, Halayla Yesh Chagiga, Malkat Hachatunot, Orot Veashan, Veshachanti, Zman Ptziot, and many more. We cannot wait for the energy, warm smile, and dances he will bring to his debut at Yad Beyad!

...is not only an amazingly talented teacher who can teach just about any dance at a moment's notice, but he is truly the 5th member of the Yad Beyad Boston Team, our Artistic Director, without whom camp could not happen.  He has choreographed some of the most creative dances we do, including Ansi Dize La Novia, Baba Kosmi, Fiszer, Op, Shenazuz, Vilner Gaon, and more.  As anyone who has met him can attest to, he is pretty much the nicest person you will ever meet.  We are excited to welcome him back to Boston and see what he has in store for us this year! 

…is the CEO and Founder of a start up by day, amazing Israeli dance teacher and talented choreographer by night! He teaches at three of the biggest Israeli dance sessions in the world. His dances include Etz Alon, Ketsev Hadarbuka, Matok Matok, Murcia, Ya Rait, and more. When you see him dance, you can tell how much he loves it, and he is thrilled to return to Boston to teach us and dance with us all day and night with his incredible non-ending energy!